I organize courses and workshops for the public and families on the following topics:

  • Relationships – healthy coexistence as a key to survival
  • Raising children – selected “lessons” for parents
  • Emotional intelligence in the family
  • How to listen, how to talk
  • Discovering our talents
  • Mindfulness – healing balm for the soul
  • The role of play in our lives and at work
  • Labyrinth journey – construction of a labyrinth and passing through it

Community building – the miracle of human connection
Participants in my Community Building (CB) seminar learn to identify and abandon personal defences and barriers that otherwise stand in the way of deep relationships and the community experience. It’s a powerful tool for learning and personal development, even for people who don´t know each other in advance and do not intend to create a common community in the future.
The seminar was originally developed by American psychiatrist and writer Scott Peck. Best known for his book The Road Less Travelled, which has sold more than 10 million copies in more than 20 languages, Peck described the community building process in The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace.
The seminar I invite you to join is a deep group process. It is a path to authentic and respectful communication and to building relationships on a deep level, where we can experience together the “death” of the group and the birth of a community. In a circle, we meet ourselves and other people in a way very different from what we think of as ordinary interpersonal communication.

In our seminar, we look for courage and the willingness to perceive each other truly, to listen, to be honest with ourselves and others, to be open, to share our feelings and experiences, but also to remain silent if there is nothing to share. Only then is there a chance to experience an honest, deep encounter with others, which in turn leads to acceptance and one’s own freedom.
Over the course of several sessions, at least two facilitators always accompany the group through the different stages of development, without addressing a selected topic or program.
Participants are learning to follow the “guidelines” of communication. If they can, it is very likely that all group members will experience a great sense of belonging, acceptance and security. And this applies not only to the seminar environment, but also to everyday life.

How you will benefit
In addition to the experience of deep connection with other people, you will:

  • learn to listen better and be more present with family, friends and co-workers
  • pay more attention to your motives, emotions and needs, and how to follow and express them
  • see the defences that you have created in your life and owing to which encounters with others are less satisfactory than they can be
  • more easily release prejudices and expectations about yourself and others
  • overcome differences in relationships with other people with more objectivity and respect
  • see your fears illuminated, the fears that prevent you from fully expressing yourself and saying things from the heart
  • experience relief from some grief or past pain
  • appreciate your personal strengths and talents and offer them to others
  • enjoy silence but also mutual joy
  • understand the development stages of the group and know how to support the development of the family or team
  • bring the “spirit” of the community back to your daily life (work, family, other circles)

I offer the community building seminar – the miracle of human connection – in a slightly modified form for:
1. groups of parents, and
2. family members (adults plus children over the age of 17).

The objectives, format and course of the seminar are the same as described above for the public seminars. But, naturally, in the family seminar more attention will be focused on the topics of raising kids and family life in general.