I have attended several universities in Slovakia and abroad. My initial studies were in cybernetics, which taught me to think consistently and systematically. However, in order to focus my thinking on human topics and essential questions, questions that I consider the most crucial and most interesting, I obtained a doctorate in philosophy. I began my professional life working in Prague for the Civic Forum Foundation as a project manager. Later, in Bratislava, I was the editor of a cultural weekly. I also moderated TV discussions, did manual labour for two years, travelled across the USA, and then taught for various educational institutions, including as head of a university department. Since 2009, I have been a consultant, working with people and companies all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia as a coach and trainer for individuals and groups, teaching with respect and passion and assisting in the development of people, teams and organizations. My academic career and life have taken their particular course in part, at least, because I have known from my youth that two and a half thousand years ago the Buddha provided a great example of how to conduct one’s life.

Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by human stories and nature, the sources of motivation, the reasons for human action. In recent years, I have been acutely aware of the importance of healthy relationships in work and personal circles, although we are taught so little about their functioning. In addition, I have always been interested in societies, their nature, development and changes, and for two decades I have been looking, as a professional, for ways to learn effectively. I have participated in several scientific projects and published dozens of professional articles. I have also published two novels and written two plays, both well-received. Participation in many projects has provided me with managerial experience and lessons about communication and teamwork (The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, Move together, U4F and the School for Transformative Leadership and a number of personal projects).

I have completed NLP training, trainer training, Focusing, Motivational Interviewing and many other courses. I completed ICF accredited coaching training (Business Coaching College) as well as training in Business Leadership Coaching at CeveySystems. In the Association of Lecturers and Career Advisers, I work as a coach of trainers. I have also been a trainer and educational methodologist in Iuventa and in the Living Textbook project. I am a consultant on domestic and foreign projects. Since completing my training with Edward Groody at the Community Building Institute, I work as a facilitator for Community Building seminars in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.