I’ve loved writing all my life, mostly of shorter pieces originally; however, in middle age I needed to express something strong and important, so I embarked on more demanding texts.

In 2001, I published the novel Where Lorain Avenue Ends (published by Stel).

I have also written two plays, Waiting for Whiskey and Garage, both of which succeeded in the finals of the all-Slovak Drama competition (2002, 2003).

(The first play was staged initially by a theatre in Banská Štiavnica and then presented on the stages of several theatres and theatre festivals in Slovakia.)

After seven years of work, I finished my second book. The novel If Our House Burned was published in 2012 by Artis Omnis. You can buy the book HERE.

Text from publisher’s comment:

No one has long known the real reason for his arrival. Will a sympathetic American find his lost happiness in Slovakia? Or will young Filip find it in a secret society?

A novel about men and women, parents and children, rituals and gods, about journeys, sex, pain and happiness. Inner dramas, the desire for fulfilment, separations and returns are intertwined with the great stories of literature and philosophy about the search for wisdom. Will the heroes discover on their journey a vague but coveted goal?

If Our House Burned, Karol Herian’s second novel, does not hide certain parallels with the work of H. Hesse.

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